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We have used the Baybrook JCPenney Photo Studio approximately 19 times over the past 2.5 years. We went every month for my son's first year of life, and every 3 months for his second year, and we planned to do the same for my daughter and haven’t had an issue up until the last two months.

Last month (7/18), when I went for my daughter’s two month photos, I arrived about 5 minutes late for my appointment to find that they had started with the appointment who was AFTER me—45 minutes after me. I had to wait through that before my daughter’s pictures were taken. I brushed off that incident and didn’t think anything about it.

I went back (8/16) for my daughter’s three month photos. I had an 11:45 appointment. When I arrived, they were still working with the 11am appointment. While waiting, someone came to pick up pictures. (It was the manager, Lisa, and two trainees who were working). One of the trainees came out and told the lady picking up pictures that the manager would be out shortly to help her. WHAT?!? It takes minutes to pull the pictures out. I could’ve done that for her. The manager stopped taking pictures to come help the lady. While the manager was helping her, the manager started checking her cell phone. Once she finished with her, she went back to taking pictures. By this time, the 12:30 appointment arrived since it was almost 12:30. They were still getting pictures of the 11am appointment. It was an infant who was fussing so they’d stop to console him and then attempt to take pictures again. When you get to the point that the baby is crying, it’s time to stop. I feel like the manager should’ve told them she had to move on since she had two other appointments waiting and ask them to come back, but she didn’t.

The manager came out to speak to the 12:30 appointment. She told her that she was going to take her pictures first and that the 11am appointment had arrived late which was why she was still working with them. The manager THEN came to speak to me and tell me that she would be taking the 12:30 appointment BEFORE me since they were teenagers and would be done faster. I told her she should’ve talked to me first before just telling the 12:30 appointment that they’d go first. I don’t mind waiting, but you’re making my three month old daughter wait and I couldn’t promise that she’d still be picture ready after they finished. The 12:30 appointment started talking to me and said the manager had called them this morning to let them know there were two infants scheduled in front of them and one of them had scheduled the appointment online the previous day and wasn’t supposed to do that. The 12:30 appointment couldn’t move her appointment since she had something to do later that day. I just couldn’t figure out why the manager hadn’t called me to notify me that there was another infant scheduled right in front of me.

The 11am appointment ending up finishing around 12:40 and then the 12:30 appointment ending up finishing around 1:30. They were not any faster than my three month old daughter would’ve been. By the time we were finished with my daughter’s pictures and placing my order, it was 2:50. We spent THREE HOURS at the portrait studio. The manager apologized for taking the 12:30 appointment before me and said she could tell that lady was escalating and had to act quickly. It still doesn’t make the managers behavior okay though.

I feel like there has been a huge decline in the quality of photos, poses and positive customer service since Lisa became manager. We miss Cynthia and Kyle being the in the manager role. They both had a positive attitudes, were considerate of my time, had creative poses and took quality photos. It is unfortunate the changes that have occurred since Cynthia and Kyle left.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Portraits Manager.

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