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Update by user Dec 06, 2017

I wrote JCP portrait studio on their Facebook page and received a response. They gave me 3 free prints and said they would provide my feedback for "training purposes". Whatever that means.

Original review posted by user Dec 05, 2017

I've gone to the JCP portrait studio in Gainesville several times and havent had a problem. But this most recent time we had a different woman from the one we usually get.

Her name is Namo i believe she was rude and rushed us from the moment we got there. She had another appointment waiting after us to but weren't late. I guess they over book or have the appointments to closely together. We told her we wanted hiliday pictures, she did take good ones of my children but the family picture was no good.

She wasnt even going to take a family photo until my husband asked. She was to concerned to get us out as quickly as possible.

Product or Service Mentioned: Jcpenney Portraits Family Photo Service.

Reason of review: On time delivery.

I didn't like: Customer service.

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They do overbook because we called to make sure they knew we were on our way and we thought we would be late (we weren't - we were 10 minutes early), and they told us that they were double booked. That is deliberate.

Not only were we rushed through our session, the photographer clearly wasn't paying attention as in many of our photos in the poses she told us to assume, my son's jacket was falling off terribly on one side, which we couldn't see since we were facing forward seated and he was standing behind us in the middle.

She also took a lot of photos where the kids clearly weren't ready yet, like just before we said "cheese" or "ice cream" or whatever she was telling us to say.

Fortunately we did get some good shots along with the bad ones.

This is the second time we were there and the first time she completely refused to use the backgrounds we picked insisting on a different one which did not turn out well at all. We did the reshoot 3 weeks later with the background that we wanted (which turned out lovely) but of course this was unnecessary money spent.

I have to agree that customer service was not the best on these two occasions, but it's the most convenient place out where we live.


Aw that was a cute attempt of hurting my feelings but I'm not as sensitive as you are...I have my big girl pants on. Do you want to borrow them?

I do not work for JCP but I did find your post amusing and took it as an opportunity to educate you on reasonable expectations. Your picture shows exactly what your family looks like and being dissatisfied has nothing to do with the photographer "rushing" you and everything to do with your husband looking like an unkept tool. Stop deflecting feelings on the photographer who you crudely named on a public website.

Don't post publicly if you can't handle the response. Congrats on those free photos

to Mrs. Rudy #1404214

I find your know it all attitude of the situation hilarious.


You're the hateful one for messing with someone's livelihood for getting your feelings hurt. I'm so so sick of people feeling so entitled.

Did you think they wouldn't be busy around Xmas time? Boo-hoo. Put your big girl pants on and realize that your not the only person in the world. And don't go to JCP if you want the 5 start treatment because it's not going to happen.

If you don't like my feedback, don't post things publicly! Instead of taking responsibility for the fact that your husband looks discheveled, you decided to blame it all on the photographer as a ploy to get some free photos. And I'd bet money you didn't get there on time.

Next time, get there early and bring a brush and some hair gel for your husband. Now start taking responsibility for yourself and stop being such a sensitive baby!


Your husband didn't even brush his hair and you have the audacity to complain about your picture and publicly post the name of the photographer. You're messing with someone's livelihood because you married a bafoon and felt rushed.

Whah what whah. You should be ashamed of yourself.

to Mrs. Rudy #1404080

Yeah I'm sure I'm messing with someone livelihood because of my one comment. You should be ashamed of yourself for sticking your nose where it don't belong.

It's easy for you to name call behind your phone or computer.

I'm done wasting my time on your stupidity. Have fun with your "personal massager" as I'm sure that is all who will put up with such a hateful person as yourself.


Their sessions are 45 mins long whether you feel rushed or not. Cutting your session short is a reason to be upset, but the subjective feeling of being rushed durring the holiday season is no reason to call the employee out by name on a public website.

Did you say something to the photographer? I doubt it. Suck it up and be an adult. Get over it.

And tell your husband to practice posing before taking a family portrait. I highly doubt the photographer wasn't going to take a family portrait until your husband brought it up. Your did complain about your family portrait by saying it's "no good" and I agree since you posted it on a PUBLIC website. Clearly your children took the pictures more seriously than their father.

You should be mad at your husband for looking like a doofus and not JCP. If. My husband would have loss of privileges if he didn't take our pictures seriously and I certainly wouldn't take the time to blame JCP and post the photo on a PUBLIC website.

Take some responsibility for yourself and stop blaming other people for your issues. You sound like a fool.

to Mrs. Rudy #1404049

Wow who is a fool for the name calling. Why even bother to comment on my post?

Do you work for JCP portrait studio? You must have nothing better to do than to be an internet troll.

You act as if you were there and you know everything. Take away my husband privileges?

Do you even have a husband? If so I feel sorry for him.


Whatever you even by that sir. Not asking them to being miracle workers just not treat people rudely.


These people are photographers not miracle-workers.

to Rudy #1403920

Not asking for that whatever exactly you mean by that but your name gives away your intent, sir. A photographer is not supposed to rush their customer or be rude. But thank you for your pointless comment.

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